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Louie Ortega

Although best known nationally and internationally for his unobtrusive yet fortifying guitar licks and the warm, smooth vocals behind such groups as the Sir Douglas Quintet and the Texas Tornados (Freddie Fender, Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers and Doug Sahm), Louie Ortega can and does stand on his own as a singer/songwriter/guitarist.

With a career spanning more than three decades, Ortega got his start in 1969 as the front man for Columbia and Atlantic recording artists Louie and the Lovers. When the group disbanded, Louie joined forces with his friend Doug Sahm for a series of recording projects and European tours. His songs, such as "Little Georgie Baker" and "County Line," were mainstays of the group’s releases on Sweden’s Sonnet Records. During this period, Ortega also quietly pursued a career as a solo performer and songwriter in his hometown of San Luis Obispo, California.

From 1989 to 1996, Ortega toured extensively throughout the U.S and abroad with the Texas Tornados. His performance and translation of  "Soy de San Luis" on the group’s first album helped secure the band a Grammy in 1990. Their CD Four Aces, released in 1996, features two of his compositions, "Amor de mi Vida" and "Mi Morenita."

He has performed with the newly revitalized Sir Douglas Quintet (Doug Sahm, Doug Clifford, Augie Meyers and John Jorgenson) on Elektra Records. He has also released two solo CDs: You & I and In My Heart, featuring a collection of well-crafted tunes that demonstrate Louie Ortega can take front and center stage with the best of them.


"He’s got a hauntingly sweet voice, the perfect vehicle for his smartly written songs about love and life...  Im giving this CD my highest recommendation. It hasn't left my CD prayer since I got it. Run, don’t walk to the nearest record store and pick up your copy. "

Strictly Starkey
New Times
San Luis Obispo, California

The arrangements have more chardonnay sweetness than salsa bite, but Ortega’s smoky, soulful vocals save the album from slickness, and his writing reflects superior craftsmanship. Opening the album is "County Line"‘, a song the Sir Douglas Quintet borrowed as a highlight of its recent reunion album.

Don McLees
Austin American Statesman
Austin, Texas


County Line In My Heart Classics


Rio Salinas

In the ’60s, a new form of music was changing an entire generation.  It was during this fertile time in the development of rock and roll that three friends, Louie OrtegaFrank Paredes, and Randy Pybas began their musical journey.  Heavily influenced by, not only rock and roll, but by country, blues, gospel, and the singular sounds of traditional mexican music, they began a journey that would span five decades.

In their late teens, Louie and Frank formed the seminal band, Louie and the Lovers, and began to craft a unique and vibrant sound that caught the ear of their neighbor, who coincidentally happened to be Doug Sahm, band leader of the popular Sir Douglas Quintet.  Impressed by their music, Doug took them under his wing and introduced the boys to management at Epic Records.  The result of that meeting was to become their first single and album RISE, which shot to the top of the playlists of disk jockeys across America. Bolstered by their success, Louie and the Lovers went on to record for Jerry Wexler at Atlantic Records.

As the ’60s gave way to the new sounds of the ’70s, Louie and Frank along with Randy became the core of their new band, Salsa Brava.  Continuing in the spirit of Louie and the Lovers and the eclectic musical influences of their youth, they charted a six year course honing their skills while playing alongside some of the best know acts of the time. Eventually, the three friends ventured off the pursue solo musical endeavors, all the while maintaining their friendship and common love of music that had so heavily influenced them.

It would be 25 years later that former Salsa Brava guitarist and band mate Don Kirkpatrick (currently of the Rod Stewart band) would make the suggestion that the three lifelong friends revisit the musical quest that they had originally begun.  Supported by guitarist Rob Espinosa, formerly of It’s a Beautiful Day and drummer Dean GilesSalsa Brava has become what is today Rio Salinas. Back in the studio and on stage, they are once again performing the music they have spent over 40 years perfecting for their eager fans worldwide.

Visit their website for show dates and more at www.riosalinas.com.

Rio Salinas - Into the Night


Louie and the Lovers

The band "Louie and the Lovers" are Louie Ortega on vocals and guitar, Frank Paredes on vocals and bass guitar, Alberto Parra on vocals and drums and Steve Vargas on vocals and piano/keyboards.

The group originated in Salinas, CA. in 1968. While still in high school the band was discovered by Doug Sahm, leader of the "Sir Douglas Quintet" who had the hits, "She’s about a Mover" and "Mendocino". He secured their first recording contract that year with Epic/Colombia Records while Clive Davis was the president of the company. Their first record "Rise" was a regional hit and has gone on to cult status.

In 1972 with the help of Doug Sahm "Louie and the Lovers" were signed to Atlantic Records. Jerry Wexler was at the helm of the project, that included the legendary Tom Dowd as the engineer of the sessions.

In 2008, "Louie and the Lovers the Complete Recordings", a 27 song CD emulating the song writing skills of Louie Ortega and the special magic and combined musical efforts of Frank Paredes, Alberto Parra and Steve Vargas has brought them to the forefront once again.

Louie Ortega and Frank Paredes at the cross roads in 1974 continued with their musical careers together. Both were involved in configurations of the "Sir Douglas Quintet" and have played together through the years. Louie Ortega went on to receive a Grammy with the "Texas Tornados" in 1990 and another nomination in 1992. Alberto Parra and Steve Vargas both had successful careers outside of the music industry, but are back and excited to be part of the reunion of "Louie and the Lovers".

With the release of the "Louie and the Lovers the Complete Recordings" came the inspiration of collaborating to make another record. Their latest release and live performances show that they still have what it takes to bring it home, hence forth the title for their latest release and the excitement of creating new music together; "Louie and the Lovers" …. "Rise Again"!

Find out more at  www.louieandthelovers.com.

Louie and the Lovers - The Complete Recordings Louie and the Lovers - Rise Again